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U.S.-Russia Health Risk Dialogue

Last Updated: November 11, 2014

  • U.S. Participants:
    • Southwest Research and Information Center:
      • Paul Robinson, Project Coordinator, Environmental Analyst
      • Chris Shuey, Co-Investigator Navajo Birth Cohort Study
      • Natalya Stukova, PhD., Linguist, Technical Research Translator
    • Community Environmental Health Program, College of Pharmacy, University of New Mexico:
      • Johnnye Lewis, Toxicologist, Principal Investigator, Navajo Birth Cohort Study; and Director, Community Environmental Health Program
      • Elena O'Donald, Research Scientist
      • Eszter Erdei, PhD., Immunologist, Research Assistant Professor
      • Curtis Miller
    • Dept of Internal Medicine, University of New Mexico:
      • Melissa Gonzales, Immunologist
    • Earth Island Institute:
      • Gary Cook, Director, Russian programmes
    • Tachee-Blue Gap Uranium Concerns Committee
      • Seraphina Nez, Founder, Social Worker
    • Red Water Pond Road Community Association
      • Jackie Bell Jefferson, Board Member
  • Russia Participants:
    • Buryat Regional Organization on Baikal (BRO-Baikal)
      • Sergei G. Shapkaev, Director
      • Vladimir Belogolovov
    • FBUN "Federal Research Center for Medical and preventive risk management techniques to public health" (FCRISK)
      • Olga Ustinova, Deputy Director FBUN
      • Svetlana Vekovshinina, Head of Laboratory, FBUN
      • Irina Mai, Researcher, Deputy Director of Science
      • Nina Zaitseva, Director, FCRISK
    • Sanitary-Hygiene Monitoring Department of Rospotrebnadzor Republic Buryatia
      • Lyubov Makarova, Head of Department
    • Buryat State University (BSU)
      • Elena Chernobrovkina, Associate Professor, Ecologist/Translator
      • Natalia Nicherporchuck, Student/Translator
      • Vadim Matonin, System Administrator-Internet, Computer Center
      • Darimaa Maksarova, Ecology Professor
    • Vostochno-Sibirskiy Gosudarstvennyy Universitet Tekhnologiy i Upravleniya (VSGUTU, East-Siberian State University of Technology and Management)
      • Oleg Tharman, Technologist
    • Buryatgeocentr
      • Igor Kremenetsky, geochemist
    • Russian Academy of Sciences, Research Center of Health, Family and Human Reproduction
      • Larisa Zhdanov, Pediatrician/Deputy Head
    • Geologic Insitute, SB RAS
      • Olga Smirnova, Geochemist
    • Zakamensk Region
      • Elena Pronteeva, Doctor/Physician
      • Zhanna Flat, Community Representative
      • Galina Nikerina, Community Representative
      • Nadezhda Sizova, Doctor/Physician


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