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2007 Issues and Topics

Volume 8; Number 1 -- Global Voices Against Uranium

Southwest Research and Information Center was one of the sponsors of the Indigenous World Uranium Summit (IWUS) held in Window Rock, Arizona from November 30 - December 1, 2006. People from around the world attended and gave testimony about Uranium issues occurring in their communities. We want to share with our readers some of these voices.

Volume 8; Number 2 -- Riding the Yellowcake Road

Six months after the December 2006 Indigenous World Uranium Summit (IWUS) at Window Rock, Arizona, the assault by governments and the uranium industry on Mother Earth continues throughout the world.Driven by the inflated, but rising price of uranium on the world market, this perceived economic boom is creating economic blackmail in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities worldwide, including several in New Mexico.

Volume 8; Number 3 -- New Mexico Land of Enchantment...
or Waste?

New Mexico is home to about two million people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and economic conditions, and is a land of natural beauty and resources. All too often, the beauty is sacrificed to allow for resource extraction – or waste disposal.This issue of Voices from the Earth provides some of the current examples of New Mexicans struggling to maintain the cultures, land, and communities in the face of various “development” or waste dumping projects.

Volume 8; Number 4 -- Addressing the Energy Crisis

The world has finally realized that climate change is real, and that the way we create and use energy is part of the crisis. How to solve this crisis? That is the difficult part. Many politicians – from President Bush, to New Mexico’s own Senator Pete Domenici – believe that nuclear power is the only solution. Even some environmental leaders think this is the only way. But for those of us who have been on the front and back end of the nuclear fuel cycle know that this isn’t the answer.

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