MISSION: Southwest Research and Information Center is a multi-cultural organization working to promote the health of people and communities, protect natural resources, ensure citizen participation, and secure environmental and social justice now and for future generations

2003 Issues and Topics

Volume 4; Number 1 -- Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit

In this issue: The Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit; Mr. Smith returns from Washington, "disappointed"; Excerpts from the Indigenous Peoples Caucus Statement; Youth Energize Environmental Justice Movement; Youth Environmental Justice Principles; The Oil & Gas Accountability Project; Principles of Environmental Justice; The Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit: WHAT NEXT?; New Mexico Wastewatch - Changing How New Mexico Deals with Landfills; REFLECTIONS on IRAQ

Volume 4; Number 2 -- If You're NOT OUTRAGED — You're NOT PAYING ATTENTION

In this issue: Immigration and the USA PATRIOT Act; The Bill of Rights; Tribal Sovereign Immunity: Another Unconfirmed Casualty in the War on Terrorism; Changing Boundaries: Free Speech Challenges Outside the Air Force Academy; The Knock on the Door; Revamped Police Intelligence Bureaus and the 21st Century Surveillance State; The Fourth Amendment and the PATRIOT Act: Your Right to Privacy at Risk; Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003... aka "PATRIOT Act II"; Book Reviews; Smallpox Immunization: A Dangerous Mistake

Volume 4; Number 3 -- Environmental Health — Shouldn't It be a Priority?

In this issue: Farm Workers: Are they Really Protected in the Fields?; Integrated Pest Management — Using Common Sense; Desert Voices: Perspectives on Chicano Communities; Bioterror at Home: Biological Research — A Short Step to Weapon's Production; Bombing New Mexico: Nuclear Bomb Facility Proposed; Building Community Capacity: Training and Assessment of Uranium Impacts on Diné Communities; NMED Assists Permit Applicants in Exploiting Public; Book Reviews

Volume 4; Number 4 -- The Nuclear West: Which Road to the Future?

In this issue: The Nuclear West Today; The Atomic West 1942-2002; Rocky Flats II in the Works; Nuclear Weapons or Nuclear Disarmament?; Nuclear Power: Two Perspectives --

  • Atomic Myths, Radioactive Realities: Why nuclear power is a poor way to meet energy needs; and
  • Nuclear Energy's Future is Aglow

New Nuclear Activities in New Mexico

  • LES Uranium Enrichment Plant; and
  • New Mexicans for Department of Energy Accountability

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