MISSION: Southwest Research and Information Center is a multi-cultural organization working to promote the health of people and communities, protect natural resources, ensure citizen participation, and secure environmental and social justice now and for future generations

2005 Issues and Topics

Volume 6; Number 1 -- Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action

In this issue: Gail Small: The Coal Wars, Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Lame Deer, Montana; Evon Peter: The People and the Caribou are One, Arctic Village, Alaska; Rita & Mitchell Capitan: Yellowcake, New Mexico, Navajo Reservation, New Mexico; Barry Dana: A People and Their River, Penobscot River, Maine; Winona LaDuke; SRIC Extras - Tribute to a Peaceful Warrior: Harris Arthur

Volume 6; Number 2 -- Environmental Justice in New Mexico: Renewed Push for Change

In this issue: Environmental Justice in New Mexico - Renewed Push for Change; Recommendations on Environmental Justice - New Mexicans Respond; The Healthy Communities Bill – An Interview with Sofia Martinez; Richard Moore on Environmental Justice and the New Mexico Environment Department's Policy Committee; Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley, Jr. signs Diné Natural Resources Protection Act of 2005 New law bans uranium mining, processing throughout Navajo Nation; Diné Natural Resources Protection Act of 2005

Volume 6; Number 3 -- Buy Local, Think Local, Be Local

In this issue: Keep It Querque!; Buy Local Initiatives: La Montanita Co-op; Right Relationship Women in Land-Based Cultures; North American Indigenous Mining Summit; WIPP IS NOT MEETING ITS SHIPMENT AND DISPOSAL GOALS; EXTRACTING ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE — THE NAVAJO NATION DEFENDS ITS URANIUM MINING BAN

Volume 6; Number 4 -- Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power and Climate Change

In this issue: Citizens Challenge New Mexico’s Plan for Sandia’s Nuclear Waste Dump, Peak Oil Opportunity; Progress of Renewable Energy in New Mexico; Nuclear power: economics and climate-protection potential; The Future Role of Nuclear Power in the United States; Executive Order a Step Toward Healthier Communities

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