MISSION: Southwest Research and Information Center is a multi-cultural organization working to promote the health of people and communities, protect natural resources, ensure citizen participation, and secure environmental and social justice now and for future generations

2006 Issues and Topics

Volume 7; Number 1 -- 1971-2006 Celebrating 35 Years

Southwest Research and Information Center was founded in 1971 by Peter and Katherine Montague as an organization dedicated to scientific, legal, and journalistic expertise on environmental issues. SRIC’s early work focused on electric power generation and coal gasification, the uranium boom in the Western part of the state, and soon, the federal research on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). Thirty-five years later, work on these issues (with new challenges) continue, while work on newer, more diverse issues grows.

Volume 7; Number 2 -- As we care for the environment we remember that at the heart of our work... People Matter

Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC) has been concerned about human health for decades. From the concern over the health effects of water pollution, to concerns about radiation-related health issues resulting from the nuclear fuel cycle, and everything in between. Our work has focused on the people part of the environment – human health, water quality, and safety issues.

Volume 7; Number 3 -- Victims of the New Nuclear Power Boom

The Bush administration and nuclear power-related companies are promoting a “nuclear renaissance” as a solution to U.S. dependency on foreign oil and to global climate change, among other things.

Volume 7; Number 4 -- CONTINUING TARGETS:
New Mexico and Navajo & Hopi lands

Energy development in New Mexico has long been at the expense of communities, especially their land, water, culture, and health. Uranium development left more than a thousand abandoned mines, thousands of sick or dead miners and other workers, contaminated water and soil that present an on-going health threat, and other problems.

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SRIC is part of the Stop Forever WIPP Coalition.
The nuclear waste dump is permitted to operate until 2024, but the federal government want to expand the amount and types of waste allowed with NO end date.
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