MISSION: Southwest Research and Information Center is a multi-cultural organization working to promote the health of people and communities, protect natural resources, ensure citizen participation, and secure environmental and social justice now and for future generations

2002 Issues and Topics

Volume 3; Number 1 -- A Woman's Amazon Odyssey: Oil's Grip on Ecuador's Indigenous Peoples

In this issue: Petroleum and Ecuador's Indigenous People; Environmental Work in Russia; What Will Congress Do about Yucca Mountain?; Phelps Dodge Leaves a Legacy of Waste to New Mexico; Ranchers Battle with Gas Developers; Gas Well Adds Water to Navajo Reservoir; Book Reviews; More Money=Less Performance at WIPP

Volume 3; Number 2 -- Renewable Energy: Coming Soon?

In this issue: Renewable Energy FAQs; Congress Begins Action on Yucca Mountain; The Next Generation of Electricity Production in New Mexico; Stopping a Power Plant in Socorro County; Sliding Through the Side Door;Green Pricing Programs in NM; New Policy-Based Incentives: Defined; Environmental Education: Thinking Outside the Box; Book Reviews

Volume 3; Number 3 -- Government for the People?

In this issue: Navajo President Opposes Uranium ISL Mining; Neighborhood Callenges Medical Waste Facility; WIPP: SRIC goes to the Supreme Court; Congress Approves Yucca Mountain; Search for Oil & Gas Endangers Otero Mesa; State Requires Reclamation To Begin At Molycorp; Book Reviews

Volume 3; Number 4 -- The State of New Mexico's Water.... We've Got a Problem

In this issue: State of New Mexico's Water; Good Water Policy Staring Us in the Face; The Dirt on Conservation Districts; Taking Charge of Our Water Destiny; Mining the Sacred Water of Black Mesa; Protecting the Westwater Canyon; World Summit on Sustainable Development; Solutions for New Mexico; Independent Reviews; Book Reviews

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