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On April 8, 2013, DOE and its co-permittee, Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC, submitted a class 2 Permit Modification Request — Modify Excluded Waste Prohibition — to eliminate the requirement in the WIPP permit for a public hearing before any waste that has ever been managed as high-level could be allowed.  This change would significantly reduce health and safety protections at WIPP and the public involvement requirements. Comment period ended June 10, 2013.

SRIC comments to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee RE: Discussion Draft of Nuclear Waste Administration Act of 2013 (5/24/2013)

Letter Opposing Proposal to Ship Hanford High-Level Radioactive Waste to New Mexico Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Hanford Challenge, and Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC) (3/26/13)

SRIC OpEd: No need for change in law to expand WIPP Regarding Journal Editorial of 5/17/2013 and Rep. Steve Pearce's bill, HR 1879 (5/23/2013)

La Jicarita article: WIPP: Expanding Threat to Public Health? (3/12/2013)

FACT SHEET: Why WIPP is Not the Place for Spent Nuclear Fuel and High Level Waste (2/8/2013)

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