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Book Reviews

The following books were reviewed in this issue of Voices:

Leadville: The Struggle to Revive an American Town
Gillian Klucas
Washington, D.C.: Island Press/Shearwater, 2004
304 pp., $26.00, hardcover
ISBN: 1-55963-385-9

Navajo Nation Peacemaking: Living Traditional Justice
Marianne O. Nielsan and James W. Zion, Eds.
Tucson, AZ: The University of Arizona Press, 2005
240 pp., $35, paperback
ISBN: 9780816524716

State of the World 2005: Redefining Global Security
Erik Assadourian, Lori Brown, Alexander Carius, Richard Cincotta, Ken Conca, Geoffrey Dabelko, Christopher Flavin, Hilary French, Gary Gardner, Brian Halweil, Annika Kramer, Lisa Mastny, Danielle Nierenberg, Dennis Pirages, Thomas Prugh, Michael Renner, Janet Sawin, Linda Starke, Aaron Wolf, with a Foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev
New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2005
264 pp., $18.95, paper
ISBN: 0-393-32666-7

Field Guide to the Sandia Mountains
Robert Julyan and Mary Stuever, Eds.
Albuquerque, NM: University of NM Press, 2005
272 pp., $19.95, spiral bound
ISBN: 0-8263-3667-1

Sandia Mountain Hiking Guide
Mike Coltrin
Albuquerque, NM: University of NM Press, 2005
177 pp., $19.95, spiral bound
ISBN: 0-8263-3661-2

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“In a market economy, private investors are the ultimate arbiter of what energy technologies can compete and yield reliable profits, so to understand nuclear power's prospects, just follow the money. Private investors have flatly rejected nuclear power but enthusiastically bought its main supply-side competitors decentralized cogeneration and renewables. Worldwide, by the end of 2004, these supposedly inadeqaute alternatives had more installed capacity than nuclear, produced 92 percent as much electricity, and were growing 5.9 times faster and accelerating, while nuclear was fading.”
—Amory B. Lovins "Competitors To Nuclear: Eat My Dust"
RMI Solutions, Fall 2005

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