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Bonnie Raitt Hosts Sric Benefit

As part of her “Souls Alike” Tour, Bonnie Raitt came to the Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque on Saturday, February 18. Bonnie is a long-time supporter of Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC), and she has done several benefits for SRIC over the past 15 years. For the Albuquerque event, she donated some premium seats to the concert, including 50 tickets for a private backstage reception after the event.

Bonnie’s website promoted the benefit mentioning SRIC’s work to promote the health of people and communities, protect natural resources, ensure citizen participation, and secure environmental and social justice now and for future generations. Specific notice was given to SRIC’s work on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) and with Navajos to stop uranium mining in Indian Country.

SRIC’s Don Hancock was able to meet with Bonnie prior to the concert and presented her some recent issues of Voices from the Earth. She was very interested in everything mentioned in Voices, even asking about one of the people mentioned “In Memoriam” on the SRIC Extras page. This interest was further expressed during the concert and at the reception afterward, as she urged the sellout crowd to support SRIC’s work.

(Left to Right) Tom Campbell, Gaucamole Fund; Winona LaDuke, Honor the Earth; Bonnie Raitt; Jim Enote, Zuni Museum; and Don Hancock, Southwest Research and Information Center.

In addition to Bonnie’s great music, Paul Brady also perfomed. He has appeared at other concerts with Bonnie and has written some of the songs she sings.

A number of concert attendees came to SRIC’s information table to pick up additional materials about SRIC’s work, including receiving copies of Voices from the Earth. Some people also discussed current projects with SRIC staff.

Bonnie Raitt has a long-term interest in SRIC’s work on nuclear issues. On Earth Day 1995, she was the lead artist at a benefit concert to stop the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) and the nuclear waste dump on Mescalero Apache land. The Mescalero dump was rejected by tribal members. SRIC continues to advocate for safety standards and encourage public participation regarding WIPP.

In appreciation of her long-time support for SRIC, Board Secretary Sandra Simons-Ailes presented Bonnie with an Acoma Pueblo pot. Board President Esther Yazzie-Lewis also expressed the appreciation of SRIC’s board for Bonnie’s contributions.

Several SRIC donors listed on the SRIC Extras page attended the concert and the reception. New friends of SRIC came from as far away as San Diego, El Paso, and Amarillo to attend the concert and reception. Those attending the reception were able to personally meet and talk with Bonnie and have a picture taken with her.

Bonnie also supports many other worthy organizations around the nation. She also lives out her support for renewable energy by using biodiesel fuels in her tour buses.

SRIC’s staff and board greatly appreciate Bonnie’s support. We also thank her band, staff, and crew, who made the event entertaining and fun. Special thanks go to Tom Campbell of the Guacamole Fund, who helped promote the concert and has helped with other benefits. SRIC also thanks Tanya Cole of Tiger Lily Floral Designs, and to Stephen Etre and Glen Smith of Stephen’s: A Consignment Gallery for their generous assistance.

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