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From the Newest Board Member...

Renewable energy advocates are in for a 'prime' edition of Voices from the Earth with a smorgasbord of information for review and reference. An expansive and comprehensive summary of alternative energy production, incentives, regulation and deregulation, barriers and opportunities are inside. As a new SRIC Board Member and a New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA) old timer, I am pleased to see the sharing of information and resources aimed at spreading the 'solar works' word. The Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy has provided a forum for 'like minded' organizations to work together. Cooperation and collaboration will turn the tide of economies and cultures based on fossil fuel consumption and its resulting pollutants. Indeed we can 'use our unlimited brain capacity instead of our limited natural resources' to make the leap to freedom from polluting while producing clean, affordable, accessible and equitable energy for all.

SRIC's underlying intent of protecting community, environment and human health is reinforced through highlighting the ways and means of attaining the use of renewable energy in this issue of Voices. We thank the contributors who have freely given their personal time and shared a wealth of professional expertise to bring this 'feast' of information together.

— Julie Stephens, SRIC Board Member

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"In 1990 five U.S. National Laboratories reported that either fair competition plus restored research priority, or a proper accounting of its environmental benefits, could enable renewable energy to supply three-fifths of today's total U.S. energy requirements at competitive prices. Renewables could even supply one-fifth more electricity that the United States now uses."

--Natural Capitalism, 1989
Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins

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